Our first collection, fresh out of the oven
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Bonjour, l'aube

A timeless collection that will accompany you during all of your springs and summers. L'aube symbolizes the beginning of a story, énième's story. 

This first collection was inspired by the french mediterranean seaside. Its warmth, its beauty, and its peaceful mindset...

"L'aube" collection was worn by the wonderful Mathilde and photographed by the talented Frédéric Guirado.

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A glimpse of the collection

The mediterranean sun is included in every design.

Designed to last

French designs, european making, qualitative fabrics.

Designed to stand out

Trends are temporary. You deserve a brand which doesn't attach importance to them.

Designed to improve

Fashion will never be perfect, but it can get better. Choose énième and participate in a better fashion.

Who are you, énième ?

Presentations are always important. If you want to discover more about why énième exists, click on the button below.
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