About énième…

Since your curiosity has brought you here, we invite you to read on to satisfy it.
Bonjour, enchantée. My name is Marine and I am énième’s creator. So, why did I do it?

énième is one of the small brands with great ambitions. Here are the founding points that motivated the creation of énième :

- The fabrics chosen for the design of the énième garments are selected for their durability and respect for the skin.

- The garments are assembled in Portugal in accordance with the human and work values of the employees. Each piece is made with the utmost care.

- Each collection is produced in a very limited quantity, for two specific purposes: to limit overproduction and overconsumption, while preserving the uniqueness of each model.

At a time when fast-fashion is omnipresent, énième dreams of a fashion that once again takes its time to offer durable clothing that deviates from all ephemeral trends.

For any questions or inquiries, you can contact us at contact@enieme.com, or in the contact section.

The beginning of a story

Because small projects always start with big ambitions, nurtured by the unconditional support of family and friends. I want to thank them for helping me realize this dream.